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Tidy Steel Fab was incorporated in 1963 and has been owned and managed by three generations of the Tidy family of Surrey, BC. The company can be dated back to 1946 when the founder Tom Tidy started a small shop in Surrey. In 2010, after many years in Surrey, Tidy Steel Fab moved the business to a brand new multi-purpose facility in Chilliwack B.C.

Regal Tanks ltd. under the brand name of Tidy Steel-Fab Ltd. has been fabricating Tanks for liquid storage including Diesel, Gasoline and Jet Fuel and other various chemicals. Regal Tanks are sold and distributed throughout North America.

Horizontal Double Wall Vacuum Monitored with Positive Leak Detection for Flammable Liquids

Horizontal Double Wall construction with factory installed “Positive, Continuous Leak Detection System” c/w Visual Monitor (Remote Audible System also available). The DWVM includes a 95% overfill prevention system, lockable fill/spill box c/w drain back tank and locking cap and collar.

Additional features include

Ladder and platform, bottom or top discharge, sounding port and wear late, atmospheric and emergency venting, support saddles, sandblasted and one coat of Self-Priming Industrial Enamel.

Standard & Custom Sizes

Up to 200,000 Litres

Optional Features

Paint systems & linings

Aboveground Horizontal Double Wall Vacuum Monitored For Fuel Oil and Lubricating Oil

Positive, Continuous Precision Leak Detection System, monitors the walls and floors of both the inner and outer tanks continuously for leaks. It also enhances the life of the tanks due to the oxygen free atmosphere the vacuum creates.


Additional features include

Factory installed positive, continuous precision leak dectection system with visual monitor, support saddles and sandblasted and one coat of self-priming industrial enamel.

Standard & Custom Sizes

Up to 2500 Litres

Optional Features

Remote Audible System

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CWB Certification Required


CWB Certification Required


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